Bay Area Rowing Club of Houston

Established in 1988, the Bay Area Rowing Club of Houston (BARC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of rowing in the Houston/Clear Lake area. Members of the club row on Mud Lake, a nature preserve within the Armand Bayou watershed. In addition to rowing on Mud Lake, adjacent rowing destinations of interest include Taylor Lake, Egret Bay, South Shore Harbor, and Kemah; all of which are accessible from Mud Lake by way of Clear Lake. The BARC boathouse is located in Clear Lake Park (north side of the park), near the Johnson Space Center, on the southeast side of Houston. BARC is a member of the United States Rowing Association.

BARC offers members the opportunity to row sweep and scull. The club owns eights, fours, quads, doubles, pairs, and singles, and also can provide storage for privately-owned boats. We also offer both sweep and sculling classes, as well as frequent, inexpensive 'Try It, You'll Like it' sessions for those new to rowing. Members' rowing objectives range from recreation to competitive racing.

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